How To Maximize Your Settlement After Sustaining Injuries During Treatment

You are entitled to compensation if you sustain injuries when receiving medical care. You can take legal action against a medical doctor, nurse, dentist, or any other healthcare provider who hurts you during treatment. A successful claim will enable you to get a payment to cover your medical expenses, damages, and the wages you will lose during recuperation. However, it is important to note that filing a medical malpractice claim is complex, and getting compensation can be challenging. [Read More]

Understanding Joint And Several Liability

Joint and several liability laws apply to situations where more than one defendant is responsible for a plaintiff's injuries. For example, you can use joint and several liability laws two pursue compensation against two road ragers who rammed into your car. Below is an overview of this unique personal injury law. The Application The basic premise of joint and several liability is that you can pursue compensation against one, some, or all defendants. [Read More]

Circumstantial Evidence The Authorities Can Use In Your DUI Case

Direct evidence is the most obvious way to prove a criminal case, such as driving under the influence (DUI). However, prosecutors do not always have the direct evidence they need. Without direct evidence, prosecutors can use circumstantial evidence that implies the defendant committed the alleged crime. Below are examples of circumstantial evidence a DUI prosecutor can use against you. Physical Signs of Impairment Intoxication triggers different signs in many people. For example, some people: [Read More]

Forms Of Abuse In Assisted Living Facilities And How A Lawyer Helps

The law protects everyone residing in a nursing care home from harmful and abusive practices. Assisted living facility abuse occurs when the caregivers deviate from standard care procedures. The deviation causes your relative physical or emotional damage. It is advisable never to ignore signs of neglect because it worsens with time. Here are the types of abuse that you should know. Emotional Trauma Some caregivers will not physically harm your relative, but they will cause massive emotional trauma. [Read More]