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The Custody Arrangements — Legal Advice For Parents

If circumstances between yourself and your ex are hostile, you may benefit from consulting with a child custody attorney. An attorney will examine your children's current living circumstances. They will form a custody proposal that is fair to your children, yourself, and your ex-partner.

Custody Matters

Custody matters do not require legal intervention. When two parents are able to amicably form an agreement that both parties are in favor of, the agreement can be followed as planned.

If living circumstances change, or if two parents cannot agree on custody matters, legal advice may be sought. A custody lawyer's intentions are to prepare a custody agreement that is just. 

Reasons For Concern

A non-custodial or custodial parent may have concerns about the other parent's ability to provide adequate care for their children. If a parent has violent tendencies or has been abusing alcohol or drugs, it may be in the concerned parent's best interest to consult with an attorney.

It can also be beneficial to seek legal counsel for other concerns. If a custodial or non-custodial parent will be moving out of state, for instance, the parent who is not moving may seek guidance with modifying their custody agreement. The child's living arrangements and transportation needs will be discussed during a meeting with a family lawyer.

A Child's Circumstances

Each child's circumstances will be examined when preparing a custody agreement. The child's age, the level of care that a child needs, and each parent's ability to foster care for the child will be considered. An older child's input may influence what type of custody arrangements are pursued during legal proceedings. 


Mediation is an intervention that can settle a dispute between parents. A family lawyer may recommend that their client meets with a mediator. Mediation is overseen by an unbiased third party.

The mediator's objective is to facilitate a discussion between two parties. They provide guidance as the two parties discuss any custody issues that they have been experiencing.

A Court Hearing

A custody court hearing is held in front of a judge. The custody arrangements that an attorney is seeking will be presented during a court hearing. A judge will decide if the arrangements are in the child's best interest. Both parents will have the opportunity to speak to the judge during the hearing.

Once a judge has made their decision, both parents must abide by the custody arrangements that have been outlined by the judge. For more information, contact a child custody attorney near you.