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Seeking Legal Advice Before Signing Divorce Documents

Did your spouse present you with divorce documents that you are more than willing to sign to end your marriage? You may want to end the marriage as soon as possible, but not being cautious about what is in the documents can lead to regret. For example, if your spouse is divorcing you to be hurtful or cause you to suffer emotionally, there is a high risk that the divorce papers are not in your favor. If you sign the documents without reading or fully understanding what you are agreeing to, you might lose assets. Due to the discontentment in your marriage, the best thing you can do before signing the divorce papers is to hire a lawyer.

What You Might Lose by Signing Without Caution

If your spouse is in a rush for you to sign the divorce documents, it might be a sneaky tactic. For example, the divorce documents might say that you both agree that your spouse should take possession of the marital home. Such a tactic could be used by your spouse to gain access to other assets as well, along with custody of the children and money in a joint bank account. A lawyer will read each word in the divorce documents and explain what the content means legally. A lawyer will also provide advice on whether signing the documents is in your best interest based on your marital situation.

Exercise Your Marital Rights to the Fullest Extent

What many people do not fully grasp about getting married is that it is a binding legal agreement that comes with rights. In order to fully understand what your marital rights are, you need to consult with a lawyer to discuss the details of your marriage. For instance, you can explain how long you have been married to your spouse and what your role is in the marriage. If your spouse has been the sole provider throughout the marriage, you might have the right to alimony. Even if you have a job, you might be able to obtain alimony if your spouse makes a more substantial amount of money than you do.

Take Safety Precautions Against Your Spouse

Is there any abuse involved with you feeling discontented in your marriage? If so, you might want to take safety precautions during the process of getting divorced. If you do not agree to sign the divorce documents, your spouse might begin to make threats. No matter what the situation may be, a lawyer can assist with getting a restraining order and taking other safety precautions to keep you safe.

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