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Forms Of Abuse In Assisted Living Facilities And How A Lawyer Helps

The law protects everyone residing in a nursing care home from harmful and abusive practices. Assisted living facility abuse occurs when the caregivers deviate from standard care procedures. The deviation causes your relative physical or emotional damage. It is advisable never to ignore signs of neglect because it worsens with time. Here are the types of abuse that you should know.

Emotional Trauma

Some caregivers will not physically harm your relative, but they will cause massive emotional trauma. They inflict it by using abusive language, controlling the movement of the residents in and out of the facility, and isolation. It is good to be keen on whether caregivers use threats to get the residents to behave as they want. Psychological abuse on an old person has far-reaching consequences. It can cause post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety. A change in the mood is a crucial indicator that someone is causing emotional trauma to your loved one.

Physical Abuse

People without mobility, mental faculties, and competence to cater to their needs require excellent care. If your loved one has physical harm or symptoms of injuries from their caregiver, there are high chances that someone is kicking or punching them. Other injuries include getting restrained with straps or ties and getting shaken or pushed. Sometimes the physical violence comes together with threats of more violence when the person speaks up. Therefore, you should be insistent in probing until your loved one explains the source of their injuries. People with dementia, Alzheimer's, as well as other cognitive disorders are more likely to suffer abuse because they do not follow instructions well. You can hold the home accountable and get you compensated for these physical injuries.

Negligence from the Caregivers

The nursing facility should have enough caregivers to cater to the needs of all residents. Some of the common signs of negligence include mistakes when administering medicine and poor personal hygiene. A neglected patient will also be malnourished and dehydrated. The negligence can also take subtle forms like failing to report injuries immediately after they happen, ignoring your loved one's complaints about their issues, and leaving them unattended.

The best way to handle elderly home abuse is by hiring a nursing home abuse attorney immediately when you suspect your loved one could be suffering through it. With their help, you can gather the evidence needed to build a case against the assisted living facility and get the right compensation.