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Is Your Loved One A Victim Of Nursing Home Abuse?

Do you have a loved one that is currently living in a nursing home facility, and you have a suspicion that they are being abused at the nursing home when you're not around? This is a common concern that family members have, and it is something that can lead to a lawsuit against the nursing home if unethical treatment is occurring. Here are some things to look out for to determine if it's worth looking into a nursing home abuse lawsuit.

Signs Of Physical Abuse

The easiest signs to recognize are those that indicate they are being physically abused when you are not around the nursing home. Does your loved one have a pale complexion that is not normal for them based on previous visits? Take a look at their body and see if there are unexplained bruises that can happen from being treated roughly or restrained by someone that works for the nursing home. 

Take a look at any current health problems that they may be having. Are there issues that simply have not been addressed by the nursing home staff? For example, wounds and cuts that have not been treated by someone and have gotten worse over time. Bedsores are also a common problem for nursing home residents that stay in bed and need to be turned periodically so that pressure is not put on one spot of the body all the time. 

Signs Of Poor Hygiene 

While there may not be evidence of physical abuse, signs of poor hygiene can count as nursing home abuse as well. Does the person's hair look oily as if they have not taken a shower in a very long time? Do they have dirt under their fingernails that has not been cleaned? Do they smell as if they have not been bathed? These are all indications that they are not getting the proper hygiene that is required by the nursing home facility.

Signs Of Poor Cleanliness 

There can also be evidence of poor cleanliness at the facility, which is sometimes evident in your loved ones' bedding. Does it look clean where you would be comfortable sleeping in their bed? Is the nursing home facility dirty and have bugs in it? Are belongings that are in the room broken and not treated with care? 

Ask yourself these questions, and if the answers surprise you in a bad way, consider working with a nursing home abuse lawyer to deal with the problem.