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3 Times That You May Want To File A Civil Suit Against Your Nanny

In most cases, the nanny who works for you to take care of your children when you're not home will be a trusted ally and may even seem like an honorary family member at times. There may be a few instances, however, in which you're unhappy with the nanny and are contemplating legal action against him or her. While you should always call the police if the nanny has done something illegal, such as act in an abusive manner to your children, there are other times that you'll want to stick with civil law. Here are some scenarios in which you may want to retain an attorney and file a civil suit against the nanny.

1. Damage To Your House

It's a difficult situation when your nanny has done something that has resulted in costly damage to your house. Try to fairly evaluate the nature of what has happened. For example, if there was a kitchen fire because the nanny had to rush to the aid of one of your children, you might be able to overlook this issue. However, if you believe that the damage arose because your nanny was preoccupied with his or her smartphone, was outside smoking, or otherwise engaging in some sort of negligent behavior, you might want to move forward with a civil suit.

2. Injuries To Your Children

You'll want to think seriously about how to proceed if one of your children has sustained an injury while being babysat. This doesn't necessarily suggest that the nanny willfully harmed your child — if so, you should proceed criminally rather than civilly. But, if you believe that the nanny was negligent and your child was hurt as a result, a civil suit can be appropriate. For example, perhaps the nanny left a hot cup of tea on the coffee table where your toddler knocked it over and sustained a burn.

3. Theft From Your Home

If something has gone missing from your home, you'll again need to evaluate how to proceed. There are scenarios in which you'll want to press criminal charges against the nanny, but you may also be reluctant to get the police involved — especially if the nanny is young and a criminal record would be extremely detrimental. You do, however, want to be compensated for whatever was stolen from your home, and a civil lawsuit in the amount of the goods can help you to be properly compensated.

For more information, contact your local civil legal dispute resolution service.