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What To Do When A Fast Food Company Does Not Respond To A Personal Injury Complaint

Over the decades, there have been dozens of complaints against fast food companies regarding some of their very unsafe and injurious food practices and the customers they have hurt. Sadly, these fast food chains do not always respond in a timely manner to requests for compensation for injuries incurred. If you were recently injured by something you ordered from a fast food restaurant, and the corporate people did not even respond to your complaint, here is what you need to do next.

​Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer and Threaten to Sue

​Hire a personal injury lawyer to handle your case. Once you have a lawyer retained, you can call the corporate office of this fast food chain again. This time, inform the person on the other end of the line that he/she needs to escalate the call to a consumer protection manager. Then tell the consumer protection manager your story, and end it with the fact that you have retained a lawyer and that you fully intend to sue. If this does not cause them to scramble to appease you on the other end of the line, not much but an actual court date will. 

​Set a Court Date When the Restaurant Chain Refuses to Respond in an Acceptable Manner

​At this point, you have representation. You have set the stage for expectations and what your next move is if the restaurant chain will not comply and work with you. If you get zero response, or an unsatisfactory response in an unsatisfactory amount of time, have your lawyer file your suit in court. This is usually motivation enough for the restaurant to take action. 

Settling Out of Court vs. Going to Court

Now that your lawyer has set the date of the hearing and the restaurant chain knows that you mean business, they may try to contact you. Refer them to your lawyer, as they may try to settle with you without your lawyer present, and then you will get less than you should. Your lawyer will broker a deal outside of court if the restaurant's lawyers are eager to settle. Then you never have to appear in court. However, if the restaurant still refuses to acknowledge your case and your claim, you will have to go to court to battle it out. Make sure you appear unless there are extenuating circumstances (e.g., a death in the family, you are in an accident and/or in the hospital, etc.)