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When Is It Best To Get Professional Help From A Child Custody Attorney?

Are you having trouble with the other parent of your child? Although not in a relationship with one another, you may have a child together. Even if you have your child's best interest at heart, it does not always mean that the other parent is going to feel the same way. If this person is acting immature, withholding the kid from you, or doing other things that he or she should not be doing, you need to hire a child custody attorney.

The Other Parent is Not Allowing You to See Your Child

If you and the other parent of your child did not have an agreement on paper, you may have both verbally agreed to split time with the child evenly. However, if you have moved on and are in a relationship with someone else or if you are not doing everything this person wants you to do, he or she could be upset with you and may be withholding the child from you to try to punish you. It is not fair for this person to put your kid in the middle of disagreements and other personal situations, which is why you need to have a child custody attorney there to help you fight for custody of the child, even if it is a shared custody agreement.

The Other Parent is Not Following an Pre-Arranged Agreement

Did you already have a pre-arranged agreement with your child's mother or father? If this person is no longer following the agreement, you have the right to feel upset and to wonder where your child is at and why he or she is not with you when the pre-arranged agreement says that you should have this specific time to spend with your little one.

You Feel Like Your Child is in Danger

If you did not have a custody agreement with the other parent of your child but you have suddenly become concerned and feel like your little one is in danger, you should act quickly and contact a child custody attorney to discuss the situation and to get advice on what steps you should take right now to get your child out of such a dangerous situation. For example, you may have reason to believe the other parent is being abusive or is using drugs in front of the child, causing you to want to seek full custody of your little one.

If you are in a situation where the other parent of your child is not allowing you to see him or her, the person you have an agreement with is not following through with that agreement, or you believe your child is in some serious danger with his or her other parent, you should talk to a child custody attorney. You may want to attempt to get an official custody order where you would have primary custody or shared custody of your little one. Contact a firm, like Van Gilder & Trzynka PC, for more help.